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言葉イジメ [Kotoba Ijime]

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Welcome to 言葉イジメ [Kotoba Ijime]; a translation journal focused purely on translations featuring Japanese visual kei bands.

We started this journal as a place to house the translations that we do. They're mostly band member's journal entries, magazine articles (or interviews) and song lyrics. Our goal is to make the translations sound as natural as possible, and also to bring information on bands to other visual kei fans. We also translate things from a lot of bands that you may have a hard time finding information on.

What's with the name? 言葉イジメ [Kotoba Ijime] basically means the relentless bullying by words. We actually jacked the name from the song 「Aボーイが引きこもりで、AV観ながら、Sの女王様にシバかれている妄想の唄♪」[A BOY ga hikikomori de, AV minagara, S no Joou-sama ni shibakareteiru mousou no uta♪] by ギャックメン [Gyackmen]. A translation for that wonderful song can be found right here.

While we do tag everything, organized archives of all the translations can be viewed and accessed from this post.

The following is a basic set of guidelines we ask you to abide by if you are going to join this community and read through the translations.

1. There might be various mistakes in the translations. If you spot any, please let us know!

2. Do NOT under any circumstances use these translations elsewhere without our express permission. Usually if you ask, we don't mind if you post them somewhere else, we just want to know where they're going.

3. Do NOT take these and claim them as your own. (Quite obviously).

4. If there is something you'd like to see translated, please post your request here. We do not make any guarantees, but we will try to do it for you.

5. For requests, please do not request tons of things at once. For more information on requests, please see this post.

Just a little information on the translators. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. ^^

Name: Ailea
Journal: arashikeiko.livejournal.com
Location: California, USA
Japanese Experience: about 6 years now~♪ I also TA for and tutor Japanese at my college ^-^v
Favourite Bands: Dir en grey、シド[SID]、キャサリン[Catheline]、しゃるろっと[Charlotte]、and...well...the list is endless really ^^;

Name: Adrienne
Journal: pinkspiderhsb.livejournal.com
Location: Ontario, Canada
Japanese Experience: About four years, including one year where I studied Japanese in Nagoya as an exchange student. I also teach Japanese to little kids every Saturday morning.
Favourite Bands: バービー [Barby], Pashya, ジャガー [Jaguar], meth., バビロン [Babylon], R-15, ギルガメッシュ [Girgugamesh], D, 12012 and so on and so on… (;^_^A アセアセ・・・

Name: Yanique
Journal: bananasmackrabu.livejournal.com
Location: Florida
Japanese Experience: A year of Japanese class; also translate for SCREW★blogs
Favourite Bands: KuRt, HeaRt, D'espairsRay, 73Shiki

Name: Thomas
Journal: princejellyfish.livejournal.com
Location: Texas
Japanese Experience: 5 years or so
Favourite Bands: Metis Gretel, Dollis Marry, Kaya, Lareine.

Well, first we have to thank pink_hide for making the awesome layout that you see on the main page of Kotoba Ijime! ^^

And, of course, we do have to give special thanks to two people who always help us when we have translation problems. The first, is Adrienne's dear friend Kim (who also runs Jisho.org). The second, would be Ailea and Adrienne's friend Naoki, who puts up with our often very weird questions regarding the Japanese language.


If you like translating, and want to post your translations in this journal, please contact Ailea 【arashi7821[at]sbcglobal.net】or Adrienne 【eidorien[at]hotmail.com】on MSN.

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